Emma and the Social Work in 42 Objects display.jpg         Car Poster 1.jpg

Emma and her fellow students chose the Car approach because …

The body of the car … is the structure that keeps everything together.

The wipers … give clear vision on impending set goals; and having a clear image about what an individual wants and how to improve their wellbeing.

The engine … ensures the smooth running of the organisation; and keep staff together by making sure policies and legislation are followed.

The steering wheel … keeps the journey of life heading forward, even if the path meets a bump in the road.

The sun visor … provides a shield for when things get too much and helps to see things clearly.

The accelerator and brake … life speeds up or slows down for the people we meet on the journey.

The sat-nav … navigates the various options of routes and paths to take.

The glove box … is a place to keep your personal values – they are there at all times but sometimes need to be kept in the box.

The radio … listening to other people’s opinions (multi-agency working).

The lights … if it gets really dark, you can put your lights on, ask for help from your peers and management.

The windows … are reflective and provide various views out of each, promoting culture and diversity. Also provide a transparency and full assessment of the surroundings.

The MOT and servicing … ensure the system is working properly.

The fuel … to be able to function.

The indicators … signal to and from people, about what you and they are going to do.



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