I am an emergency management professional from India. In 2014, I moved to New Zealand to gain tertiary level qualification to complement my work experience. Earned professional credentials from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) enhanced my professional skills in the two interconnected areas of emergency management and emergency psychosocial health. While working as a tutor and clinical supervisor in one of the Health colleges in New Zealand, I learnt about an emerging field of social work and its correlation with emergency health management. Later, my visits to social care settings and social work orations further enhanced my interest in social work. That’s when I recognized my passion to help people. I always knew that I had that urge to question, explore and understand in- depth needs and challenges of vulnerable people. So far, this passion has helped me to bring a meaningful and sustainable improvements in their lives and I continue to work on it.

I chose Pens because …

… they represent social work to me as they are always with me. They constantly remind me of the power and magic of exploring social work. Whenever I am struggling, I pen down my thoughts and reflect on them. This helps me to think constructively and overcome issues. When I am supporting people, I use my pens to scribble notes and information important to clients. Later, I use pens to create mind maps to think creatively on ways to support the clients. 

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