Sewing machine & Basket



I am Laura Oginni from Nigeria. I have just started an MA course in Social Work at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus, which is in line with my vision to make a difference to people’s lives and to be of immense help to those in need.

I have 8 years experience in care settings with people who lack capacity in making informed decision about their care supports and general wellbeing, which may be as a result of mental disability or cognitive disorder resulting in learning difficulties and brain injury. This was what inspired my interest in the social work profession so as to enable me carry out my duties efficiently while supporting service users and their families.

In my current role as a Team Leader, I have gained confidence and experience when supporting vulnerable adults who sometimes are presenting with challenging behaviour. I have undergone several trainings which have enhanced my performance in working with other professionals in clients’ support plans.

I chose Sewing Machine and Basket because …

I can remember when I was growing up back in Nigeria that my mother would always remind us to keep our clothes that need alteration in a particular basket in the store room in our house so that she could mend them for us.

I will compare the sewing machine to the social work profession that supports the diversity of vulnerable people, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. The basket represents the residential homes, communities, nursing homes etc., where vulnerable people are rehabilitated and integrated back into the communities.

2 thoughts on “Sewing machine & Basket”

  1. Hi Laura. I love the story behind your objects and the analogy of these to your work, and what social work is about for you.
    Justine x


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