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Since the launch of the book from this project, Social Work in 42 Objects (and more), sales have so far contributed £1236 to help support Tara’s work with street children in Delhi. Please let your colleagues and friends know about the book in order to support Tara’s work and also to promote wider understanding of social work.

The book has had two successful launches, one at at the Foundling Museum (Coram) London, who have endorsed the book, and another on World Social Work Day at Trinity College Dublin. Presentations of the 40 Objects idea have been given to several audiences on three continents, with an appreciation of the international flavour of the project.

This site remains open for new Objects (see below) and the book is available (£10 + postage) from Kirwin Maclean Associates at: enquiries@kirwinmaclean.com or please use the links to the right. The 127 objects in the book are a gift to social work from all those who have proposed them. This book is also a gift: when you buy it, be aware that profits and royalties (£2.50 per book) go to NGO TARA Homes for Children, Delhi, to rescue, support and educate street children.

Publicity information for the book

Can the story of social work be told through Objects? Might a collection of objects be more illuminating than a formal text book or a dry definition?

In this engaging, photographic book, Mark Doel curates a collection of 127 objects contributed by people from around the globe to evoke a sense of social work – past, present and future.

Written as a Guide to an Exhibition of Social Work, this is the ideal book to introduce social work to newcomers, and to entertain those with long experience of the profession. The objects are presented by a diverse group of people with different perspectives on social work, but with a common imagination.

Feedback and comments on the book are very welcome (doel@waitrose.com). Please let your friends and colleagues know about it.

More Objects

I continue to upload Objects and stories to the blog. To propose an Object:

  • Send a photo of the Object and a photo of yourself, and around 100 words about yourself – how/why you got into social work; how you have experienced it.
  • Write briefly why you chose this Object and what it means to you. I chose X because … 
  • Email these items to me at markdoel@icloud.com – I’ll upload your nominations for comments and discussion. If you have difficulty getting a digital image of your Object, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m happy to talk over your ideas, too.

Please continue to spread the word and ask others to get involved, either naming an object or commenting on them, or both. Nominations from groups are also welcome.