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126 Duduzile Sokhela   126 Food

I’m a social worker and published author of Why Urban Rural Under-developed Communities Will Never Develop in South Africa. Mooiplaas Informal Settlement: A Relevant Case Study. In the Front Lines. I’ve served my people working in different non-profit organizations in South Africa. I was inspired by my late sister and my living mother’s altruistic causes in the community I grew up in.


I chose Food because …

… throughout my career in social work serving humanity, I have witnessed and worked with people living in abject poverty, need, want and social exclusion, and one of the direst needs is a basic commodity: food. For each community I enter, hunger is visible.

2 thoughts on “Food”

  1. Thank you for this strong reminder of the importance of basic sustenance….I remember a semester at university of western cape and the discussions about how students would come to university hungry…let us not forget this basic need…and address it…


    1. I have been reading this article many times, each time I read it, I get chills, I still cannot believe that Prof Mark Doel presented an opportunity for me to be one of the contributors in his Published Journal on 40 objects and more… I remain humbled by the opportunity and encouraged to write more about my observations and experiences in my Country, South Africa. It is a very well written article. Thanks Prof Mark!


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