iPod (with headphones)

  P A T R I C K   D O N O H O E

02 Patrick Donohoe   02 iPod – Version 2

Standing joke in my family (I’m one of 9 and the only one doing anything like social work) is that when I was born I turned around and asked my mother if she was ok?

At school I helped out in the “remedial readers class” and during school holidays helped out on the St Vincent de Paul summer camp. Then worked my way from residential care into social work itself.

That was 30 years ago and I’m still at it now. I don’t think I could do anything else!

And what’s more I know all about iPods, MP3s and all sorts of modern stuff.

I chose iPod (with headphones) because …

1) it allows me to shut off from the open plan office whilst recording/typing etc.

2) more importantly it can be used in conjunction with car stereo on awkward journeys, or with headphones for those times young people need their own head space AND for use as an ice breaker, saying to a young person “find us a tune to listen to can really be disarming and they get chance to slag off your music collection!”

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