Walking stick

 N I C O L E   L I E B E N B E R G

34 Nicole Liebenberg   34 Walking stick  34 Walking stick – Version 2

I am a student social worker from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I admire social work because it has a very hands-on and practical approach to helping people and this is one of the reasons why I chose to study it. Social work has quickly become my greatest passion.

I have chosen Walking stick because …

… Social Work is like a walking stick that aids people on parts of their life journey when they have been injured by other people, circumstances or their past. The walking stick is meant to support these people and walk this segment of their journey with them. The walking stick aids the injured person by helping them to take the pressure off their injury so it can heal. Once the person has healed the walking stick is no longer needed and the person can continue on their life’s journey alone.

The walking sticks in the photograph have no personal connection to me, but I loved the fact that they looked sturdy and imperfect and I just felt those walking sticks represent social workers. We do not try and be better than our clients we are aware that we too are only human and thus we promote equality between us and our clients.

4 thoughts on “Walking stick”

  1. Nicole, ek is so beindruk met jou insig oor MW. Ek weet nie of jy weet dat ek ‘n MWer is nie – sal graag meer will weet oor hoe dit gaan met jou en jou studies. Magda

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  2. Ek het Woensdag vir jou gesê dat ek MW bewonder en hoekom. Mag jy dieselfde impak hê op mense/families as wat ek “once upon a time” ervaar het.

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