Balance scales

  J I L L I A N   A N D E R S O N

37 Jill Anderson     37 Balance scales

I have been a qualified social worker for approximately 6 ½ years, but working in social work since 1992 under various guises. I entered into social work initially as a clerical worker and as time moved on and my interest in supporting others increased. I decided to undertake the social work BA (Hons) qualification through the Open University and I’m proud to say I am one of Argyll and Bute (Scotland) Council’s ‘Grow Your Own’ social workers. The driving force for me to become a social worker was that I felt I had and still have something to offer in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives when they were at a point of crisis or change.


I chose Balance scales because …

… it represents what I do in my job, i.e. balancing everything going on within my caseload and trying to keep it balanced. Also the work that I do with the children and families is balanced and proportionate in respect of the circumstances that brought them through our doors. This not only relates to the interventions and supports we offer but when writing reports for various reasons, the reports are also balanced.

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