Ball of wool

  Y O L A N D A   D O M E N E C H   L Ó P E Z

42 Yolanda Domenech   42 Ball of wool

I am a social work lecturer in Spain. My lines of research and teaching are social work with groups, skills for social workers, poverty and social exclusion, social services and social work in Spain. I have a PhD in sociology. Currently, I am the Director of the Department of Social Work and Social Services at the University of Alicante (España).


I have chosen Ball of wool because …

… for me, it represents social work with groups. Like the web that spiders knit, a ball of wool permits the knitting of a support network. The group as a support network in social work practice is the basic premise that I use to teach social work with groups. Professionally, social work with groups has and remains a challenge to some aspects and areas of the profession. Because of that, we need to teach the importance of “knitting” the group, as if with a ball of wool.

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