N A T I A   P A R T S K H A L A D Z E

51 Natia Partskhaladze   51 Violin

Being from the country of Georgia, where social work profession has been emerging in parallel with my career since late 1990s, I had a privilege to be one of the first qualified social workers, also engaged in shaping the contours of this profession in my country. I was lucky to be able to receive academic training in several fields and work in different countries. I treasure diverse life experiences, environments and people I have met and I hope to continue being exposed to these during the rest of my professional path.


I chose Violin because …

… well, it was unexpected even for me, to think of social work as of the violin, but more I reflect on this idea, more valid it seems to me.

Both have an ability to be flexible in their application. Penetrating different countries and cultures, violin is an important instrument in a variety of musical genres – classical, folk, jazz, rock and roll, etc. Similarly, social work, whether applying Western or indigenous approaches is practised with diverse communities, groups and individuals of different race, age, life circumstances, strength and weaknesses.

A violin is a powerful instrument when played alone and is similarly valuable in an orchestra, when performing with a variety of other instruments. Social work can play a life-saving role on its own, but its effects are multiplied when practised in a multidisciplinary team, in coordination with other professions.

For people unaware of the mental, physical and emotional efforts they take, playing the violin and practising social work might seem very easy. However, both can be ruinous – of music or a life – when not applied by a virtuous, empathic professional who is willing to face and overcome challenges their practice might entail.

In the end, both are invented to make lives better …




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