M A R I L Y N   B E N N E T T   and   the   J E W E L L E R Y   P R O J E C T

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We found the 40 Objects project really interesting and the concept is motivating and fun – the group I supported to participate really enjoyed it. It was interesting how the “object“ enabled people to explain what social work meant to them.

Objects support people’s understanding of situations which otherwise they may find a difficult concept, help them to share views and opinions and this empowers individuals in their day to day lives.

Using this concept people were enabled to share with us what social work day services meant to them.

“I like selling our jewellery in the community and being with my friends” – Josephine

“I love making bangles and seeing what they are like once they are finished, and I like spending time with all my friends” – Mary

“Working with friends and other people, being happy. We feel proud. I really enjoy it” – Ruth

“Love taking part in things, enjoy the group” – Margaret

“Being able to make things that are personal I can share as gifts” – Nicola


We have chosen Jewellery because …

… it represents the fun and enjoyment we have shared within Day Services for people with a learning disability for so many years and symbolises social work to us.

What our Jewellery Workshop and Social Work Day Services means for us:-

Friendship – we have attended social work day services for a lot of years, some of us for 40+ years. We have been supported by day services to maintain our friendships despite the changes of location and buildings and to this day we remain friends enjoying a range of different activities and experiences together.

Community – our Jewellery Workshop takes us out and about in the community meeting and engaging with others as well as strengthening our sense of citizenship and being able to contribute within the community.

Health and wellbeing – the workshop and friendships have supported our sense of wellbeing; we have lots of fun together which makes us feel good.

Skills – Our Jewellery Workshop offers us the opportunity to learn new skills, and we now sell the things we make at Open Days, other parts of social work, colleges and NHS within East Ayrshire. What we sell funds the continuation of the project. We also like being able to gift the things we make to our friends and family.


We would like to thank the social work day service staff, who have supported us and especially Sandra Wason who started the group with us and has now retired.

Submitted on behalf of the Jewellery Project by Marilyn Bennett, Service Co-ordinator

Day Opportunities North, Balmoral Road Resource Centre. E-mail:

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