B O R I S   S H A P I R O

Boris Shapiro   CompassHands

In the early 1990s social work as a helping profession started to develop strongly in Russia and I was involved in creation of curricula and courses for social workers at an international level. Then I have been for many years Dean of Faculty of Social Administration and Social Work at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (Russian-British postgraduate university). I have PhD in psychology and at present my position is Pro-Rector for Teaching and Learning at the Moscow School.


I chose Compass because …

… well, my first thought was to choose a life-buoy ring, but since this object does not reflect the idea of empowerment, I decided to choose a compass. I think that both for “persons in situation” and for social policy makers the main thing is to determine a right direction towards social and personal well-being and to escort society and people for security in the wide sense of this notion.

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