C A R O L I N E   P I C K A R D

88 Caroline Pickard    Car

I am a social worker, having worked a majority of my four year career in child protection in northern England. I am a practice development social worker, which is similar to being a practice educator, but on a wider basis – supporting social workers with their practice, through training, mentoring and coaching. As part of the Quality Assurance Team I also undertake auditing and quality assurance checks on case files and social work practice.

I never intended on being a social worker, but simply fell into it. I couldn’t love it more. It is one of the most rewarding, challenging and engaging jobs that could ever be done and I would be lost without my world of social work. I find the experience of being a social worker so enlightening and feel privileged to be involved in the lives of the families that I work with.


I chose Car because …

it is the same car that I have had since I have been a student social worker and I think that this is my “world” as a Social Worker. I have reflected, laughed, cried and done a lot of my job in the car – direct work, transporting people and discussions with service users. My car acts as an office, a safe place but also my space and it is vital to me being able to do my job properly; both emotionally and practically.


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