Z A N E T A   S E R K S N I E N E

121 Zaneta Serksniene    121 Puzzle

I came to the field of social work in 2006 when I started my BA at VMU, Lithuania. During four years of studies I didn’t find a place where I could realize myself as a social worker. I have practised in various institutions and I felt that it is not the right place for me. In 2010 I started my MA at the same university, VMU, and then I was involved in group work by one of the teacher. At the same time I got a job at a secondary school with children who have special needs and also I initiated groups where I could teach social skills for kids as well.


I chose Puzzle (as a whole picture and as a piece of puzzle as an individual I am working with) because …

… when I started to work with children I realized that they all are like pieces of puzzle: different shape; color; individual place in the picture; different amount of connections, etc. I see a whole puzzle picture as a result of group work in the end of sessions which I usually have 20-25 during the year with one group. And all the participants for me look like pieces of puzzle, who in the beginning may not “fit” in that place but during our searching or group working we all together find places for everyone. Children are different and, as with puzzle pieces, they are making connections with two, three or four others in a group and by making connections we are making one whole puzzle picture. For me the process of working in a group and putting the entire puzzle together looks similar because in both you have many moments of frustration, impatience and anger and also you have joy, excitement and satisfaction.

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